Texas Businesses Are Bullish on Landscaping With Artificial Turf

Americans devote a lot of time and attention to looking after their lawns. For some homeowners, lawn maintenance can be their major weekend activity. That’s fine for those rare people who seem to enjoy spending their “leisure” time primping and preening grass. But what about a business owner who has a thousand other things to worry about? Continue reading

Greater Texas Drought Dries Up Resistance to Synthetic Lawns

The historic drought that has gripped Texas for nearly a year has many residents considering making the move to water-saving synthetic grass. That’s a choice that many Texans would never have considered in the past, even in the state that made AstroTurf® famous.

But homeowners and business owners who’ve been moved by this year’s extreme weather conditions to explore this economically and ecologically sound option have made a happy discovery: Continue reading