Synthetic Turf Manufacturer of School Playground Surfaces

As parents, school administrators and city planning officials, we want to provide our children the safest, most cost-effective and secure environment to play on. Southwest Greens of Austin provides premium artificial turf for playgrounds and parks throughout Texas. As a leading synthetic turf manufacturer, we control the entire process from start to finish, ensuring that you receive the highest quality product. SWG Austin wants you to know that there is a better alternative to natural grass: artificial turf playgrounds.

When it comes to deciding which surface is the best playground surface for your home, school or park, there are several options:

Type of Playground Material Pros Cons
Natural Grass – Traditional look of a playground- Easy to install a playground set over an existing backyard lawn – Uneven surfaces- Unexpected interruptions in sod

– Slower drainage rates

– High maintenance in order to maintain in good working condition

– Costly maintenance: mowing, weeding and fertilizing

– Excessive watering can cause metal playsets to rust and rot

Rubber Mulch – Popular safety option for playgrounds- Great cushioning for when children fall

– Low maintenance

– Recycled material

– Can get dirty and needs replacement after repeated use- Can get tracked into your home easier than other ground covers

– Some rubber mulch can contain contaminants

– Can get extremely hot to the touch during the summer

– Can emit a strong odor

Pea Gravel – Used in dog runs, playgrounds and parking areas- Natural look and feel

– Low maintenance

– Does not provide much protection for when children fall- Gravel can cause bumps and scrapes

– Can pose a choking hazard to small children and pets

Playground Artificial Turf – Maximum drainage rate with virtually no moisture build-up- Able to withstand high volumes of traffic

– Eco-friendly and made from 100% recyclable materials

– Conforms to contours and slopes of the ground, making for a flat, even surface

– Designed in accordance with IPEMA & ASTM fall height standards

– PlayBase™ by Brock backing system specifically designed and engineered for use with artificial turf playgrounds

– No maintenance: no watering, mowing, fertilizing, etc.

– Resistant to fungi, bacteria & chemicals

– Won’t decay or degrade

– Perfectly even, level surface

– No grass stains or tracked mud in the house

– Higher up-front costs that pay off in the long run

As you can clearly see, the school playground surface with the most benefits and the fewest downsides is Southwest Greens Austin’s playground artificial turf. While the cost of synthetic turf is larger up-front, the amount of money you will save on watering and other maintenance-related costs makes artificial grass pay for itself. For the best playground turf prices in Austin, look no further than Southwest Greens. Contact us for a free design consultation and quote today!

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