Greater Texas Drought Dries Up Resistance to Synthetic Lawns

The historic drought that has gripped Texas for nearly a year has many residents considering making the move to water-saving synthetic grass. That’s a choice that many Texans would never have considered in the past, even in the state that made AstroTurf® famous.

But homeowners and business owners who’ve been moved by this year’s extreme weather conditions to explore this economically and ecologically sound option have made a happy discovery: Today’s artificial turf is an attractive, natural-looking product that looks, feels and behaves much more like real grass than the poor imitations that were marketed decades ago. To put it another way, this isn’t your father’s fake grass!

Nationally, grass can be considered America’s number one irrigated “crop.” In Texas, about half the water used in summertime goes toward landscape irrigation. At a time when the rain refuses to come and Central Texas reservoirs have shrunk drastically, dumping huge amounts of precious water on grass lawns just doesn’t make much sense. That’s especially true when you consider the 21st-centuryalternative – beautiful, realistic artificial grass from Southwest Greens of Austin.

Just days ago, the City of Austin imposed Stage 2 drought restrictions on water usage in accordance with the guidelines of the Lower Colorado River Authority. Outdoor watering is now only permitted once a week and is limited to certain times of day, until further notice. (The restrictions apply to both residential and business landscape watering.) Ignore the watering schedule once and receive a warning. Ignore the warning and you’re looking at a $475 fine. Keeping your grass alive could get pretty expensive!

Aside from water usage issues that come to the fore in this time of severe drought, maintaining a grass lawn usually also requires the use of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Add the time and expense of applying these harmful chemicals to the additional time spent cutting the grass and the additional expense of lawnmower gas and the rising popularity of Texas artificial lawns is not hard to understand.

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, call Southwest Greens of Austin today at 512-496-4228. We can discuss with you the many advantages of replacing your current lawn with our water-saving, low-maintenance and great-looking synthetic grass.

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