Texas Businesses Are Bullish on Landscaping With Artificial Turf

Americans devote a lot of time and attention to looking after their lawns. For some homeowners, lawn maintenance can be their major weekend activity. That’s fine for those rare people who seem to enjoy spending their “leisure” time primping and preening grass. But what about a business owner who has a thousand other things to worry about? Hiring a landscaper for some services may be a necessity, but there’s certainly no need to pay a groundskeeper or outside vendor for hours of mowing and tending grass – not when it can be replaced with low-maintenance synthetic turf.

Businesses of all kinds are installing artificial turf as an alternative to grass and the expense that comes with caring for it. In fact, commercial installations currently make up the fastest-growing sector of Southwest Greens’ business. Apartment complexes, hotels and resorts, senior living facilities, rehabilitation centers and even mobile home parks are among the kinds of enterprises that are making the switch to synthetic grass. The owners and managers of these facilities appreciate the savings in maintenance and water, while their residents enjoy the natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance of Southwest Greens’ quality products. Today’s artificial grass is manufactured to look just like the real thing, yet it doesn’t attract bugs or leave stains on clothing.

For sports-oriented businesses, where the texture and feel of a playing surface is as important as how it looks, commercial artificial turf from Southwest Greens is a winner. Driving ranges use it for their tee lines because it stands up to heavy use far better than living grass can. Golf courses love Southwest Greens practice putting greens because our synthetic turf is engineered to mimic the properties of natural grass and to provide the same ball-roll properties. Even major professional athletic teams like the Texas Rangers play on Southwest Greens products – the Rangers organization has installed SWG synthetic grass in the infield at their practice facility in Surprise, Arizona.

For a business that is entrusted with the safety of children or pets, Southwest Greens artificial turf is a natural choice. Synthetic grass does not require the application of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides that can be harmful to humans and animals. Daycare centers appreciate this just as much as they appreciate having a playground surface that is soft and yielding enough to reduce injuries, yet tough enough to stand up to intense foot traffic from dozens of energetic kids. Pet boarding facilities and kennels have learned that artificial turf beats grass for dog runs because dogs won’t wear it out or dig it up, and because it can easily cleaned of animal waste and hair.

The list of businesses that can reduce maintenance costs and better serve their customers by replacing grass with trouble-free Southwest Greens artificial turf is endless. If you’re a business or commercial property owner looking to simplify your landscaping upkeep and maintenance, contact Southwest Greens of Austin today at 512-496-4228.

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