Go Green In More Ways Than One With Southwest Greens’ Artificial Lawns

There are many reasons to install putting greens or artificial grass lawns from Southwest Greens. Perhaps the best reason of all is one you may not have considered, namely the positive effect your choice will have on the environment. Let’s not kid ourselves, our customers install synthetic turf lawns because they are low maintenance and built to look perfect year-round in any weather conditions. But if in the process you can channel your inner environmentalist all the better. We promise you will, and here’s why.

Those who install our Envylawn turf for residential or commercial applications will instantly experience an extreme lack of yard work. This is good in so many ways, not the least of which is because in pursuing our yard related chores on the weekends we’ve become a bunch of unwitting environmental assassins.

Did you know that traditional gas mowers produce as much pollution as 43 new cars each driven 12,000 miles? Or that we use some 800 million gallons of gas per year mowing our lawns, releasing carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and other pollutants into the atmosphere in the process? With a synthetic lawn from Southwest Greens such dangerous waste will instantly cease to exist.

It will also help drastically cut down your water bills! Artificial grass requires little to no water and looks great all year long. To learn more about our low-maintenance lawn options, contact Southwest Greens of Austin for a free design estimate!

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