Artificial Grass From Southwest Greens Is Lead Free And Kid Safe

Though best known for our state-of-the-art golf greens and backyard putting greens, Southwest Greens of Austin counts artificial lawns made from our synthetic turf as one of our most popular and fastest growing (figuratively, not literally) products. Recently, it has been revealed that several purveyors of artificial lawns are selling products with detectable traces of lead in them. And while the debate is on as to whether these lead traces are harmful to small children, families looking to provide a safe home environment for their children can rest easy knowing that our EnvyLawn artificial grass is 100% lead-free.

Artificial grass from Southwest Greens of Austin, TX Is lead-free and safe for kids

At Southwest Greens, our artificial lawns are installed using the same incredibly realistic synthetic turf used on our championship putting greens. And while other dealers use lead in their products, largely in order to add colorant to the fiber, we’ve never felt the need to do so. Our product is American made and lead and heavy metal free. Why is this important? Because even small traces of lead have the potential to do damage.

The Consumer Product and Safety Commission recently released a report that stated that “young children are not at risk from exposure to lead” in the turf it tested. They did add a caveat, however, saying that “lead on children’s hands may then get transferred from their hands to their mouths through normal hand-to-mouth activity during or after playing on the field.”

The question then becomes are you as a parent willing to take the chance and expose your child to potentially harmful lead? Of course you aren’t, and with lead-free EnvyLawn synthetic turf from Southwest Greens you won’t have to.

The bottom line is that if the industry can make turf without lead then it should, and our EnvyLawn turf proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that it can. One look at our low maintenance, high-performance synthetic lawns and it’s perfectly clear that attaining the look and feel of natural grass is not dependent upon the inclusion of lead in the product. Not by a long shot.

Whether it’s via our championship putting greens or synthetic lawns, Southwest Greens is committed to creating the perfect backyard for families nationwide using environmentally friendly products to make your yard green, pristine, and safe year-round. So what are you waiting for? Learn more about how easy and affordable installation can be.

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